When you are surfing the web, it’s pretty clear you are being monitored. Using several technologies, most notably website cookies, your browsing habits can be tracked and ads can be served up based on your interest. But what if your TV had the same capability? It will. The future is about to arrive and it actually will happen this year. But are you ready to have your viewing habits and interests tracked in your own living room?
  09/26/2013, 01:11PM
Broadpeak presents umbrellaCDN
umbrellaCDN allows content owners to combine the benefits of operatorCDNs and globalCDNs when deploying OTT video services by selecting the most appropriate delivering solution at all times.
The newly designed Multi Row Metering extends the metering capabilities of the mc2 series consoles, providing operators with increased overview and control.
The MADI Dante Bridge enables SSL C100 HDS and C10 HD digital broadcast consoles or any other standard MADI device to connect to Dante networks with full redundancy maintained.
  09/26/2013, 11:46AM
Phabrix introduces TAG
The low-cost, handheld T&M instrument is designed for every engineer.
Selenio MCP1 is designed to provide the comprehensive on-air and signal transport capabilities of Selenio in a smaller, cost-efficient package.
The Wireless Innovation Forum has announced support for a call from NAB for a comprehensive inventory of spectrum usage that includes data on the “intensity” of band use.
VOD is increasingly used for relaxation viewing while linear and scheduled TV is shifting to appointment viewing.

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