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World's largest storage system
Think you've seen BIG storage. Probably not anything as large as this SpectraLogic T-Finity monster robotic tape library

While researching a story on 4K, UHDTV, I came across a statement from “Digital Europe”. With a mission to “to foster, on behalf of our members, a business, policy and regulatory environment in Europe that best realises our vision.”  This organisation states that “they represent all of the major TV manufacturers and as such, is in a unique perspective to comment on how the nascent UHD market will develop.”

The inexorable trend from smart card-based to cardless conditional-access systems for protecting pay-TV services against revenue theft is changing the battle lines against the pirates.
Both Facebook and Twitter jostle for position in the sector in the hope of converting their dominance of the second screen into revenues.
Are you ready for Firetube? Rumors are swirling, and many signs are pointing to Amazon releasing a streaming set-top video device this holiday season to tackle competitors such as Google’s ChromeCast and Apple TV. Sure to compliment its Amazon Prime video service as well as its recently announced Kindle Fire HDX tablet line, Firetube (rumored name) could make for an enticingly disruptive product. It’s late to the game, so how will it win?
  10/14/2013, 03:22PM
Can new Android app help Aereo win?
Aereo is the controversial service that allows users to essentially rent antennas for a low monthly price and have their local channels available streaming live on their portable devices and Mac/PCs. But there has been an important part of the Aereo puzzle missing, and that is going to be completed on Oct. 22.
The tide is turning, and it will help content producers to know exactly where their target demographics are currently consuming video. The New York Times and Pew Research Center this week released the results of a video survey, in which they talked to more than 4000 online video users. Who are the people watching your content, and where are they getting it from? The answers may surprise you.



Premium content will remain the primary competitive weapon for pay TV operators, both against each other and to combat the ever rising threat from OTT upstarts. But not all operators have a lot of top premium content, with the cream often lapped up by just a select few. In Germany for example Sky Deutschland has bagged all the rights to the top tier Bundesliga league, which is now arguably Europe’s strongest football division. Many operators then need another sting to their bow and that can only mean offering the best quality of experience.

This is good for viewers.
  10/03/2013, 06:35PM
Looking up to hybrid cloud
In pay TV, there is increasing talk of hybrid clouds, but with a big difference.

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Making a Scene in London
Holly Ashford of TVB Europe

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