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TV Technology Digital Editions

March 4, 2015 
Examining Broadcast's Future; New Emergency Alert Service Proposed; Big Shows Require Wireless Audio Stability; AES67 'Another Arrow in the Quiver'; Blackness: A Three-Tiered Approach; Boston's WCVB Weathers Record-Setting Winter; Vislink Connects Fans with Racing Action; Telestream Delivers Polar Bear Video Globally; Comrex LiveShot Keeps the News Flowing; Telemetrics Robotics Aids Concert Telecast; Dejero Delivers Hometown Hockey Action; TVUPack Expands KOSA-TV's ENG Options
February 18, 2015
From Small Screen to Really Big Screen; Inside the NHL's Situation Room; HEVC: Raising All Resolution Boats? Remembers the Early Days of L.A. Television; Wearable Cameras Go Beyond Birds-Eye POV; Lighting Technology Joins the Digital Age; Cable and Connectors Keep Evolving; Advertising Crowns the Super Bowl Experience; Amazon's Agenda Fits Streaming Expectations From Researchers; Placid Streams: PDV and MDI Measurement Techniques; Audio Innovations From 2015 CES, NAMM; Crappin' Out on the Lossy Drag; Anton/Bauer's Digital Battery Series; Panasonic's AW-HE130 Integrated Remote HD/SD Camera; Nexto's NVS2825 Portable Memory Card Backup System; Scorpion Portable LED Light Kit
February 4, 2015 
Media Groups Gain Approval for Drone Testing; CES Augurs New Video Landscape; A Technology Pilgrimage in the Desert; Displays Get Bigger and Brighter at 2015 CES; AT&T Test LTE Broadcast Tech at CFB; Taking Switchers to the Next Level; RAVENNA Gains Ground in AoIP Market; When Preparation Meets Opportunity; Multilayer 3D Disks Expand Data Capacity; LDM - Stacking Signals for Improved Performance; Eleven FCC Scenarios for the 600 MHz Band Plan; Of Course, There's an App for That!; What About Audio Quality?; User Reports - Signal Converters/Intercoms; Reference Guide
January 21, 2015 
NBC Resets With New Tech for Super Bowl XLIX; 4K, 'From Soup to Nuts'; CNNgo Looks to Bring the Internet to Television; Getting the Most Out of Your Newscasts; Pro Audio Boards Continue to Evolve; Bonded-Cell Vendors Cope With Changing Speed Limits; Selecting the Server That's Right for You; Small Wonders: Reviewing Portable Video Recorders; Editors Find Big Things in an Inexpensive Package; Locating Shows Becomes a Cross-Platform Challenge; Understanding Virtualization and Containers; Acoustic Designs for Multichannel Audio Control Rooms; Adorama's 3Pod Tripod; TSL's Pam PiCo Touch Monitor; The Sun-Bouncer Pro Kit From Sunbounce; RED's 6K Epic Dragon; Steadicam's Curve Stabilization System
January 5, 2015
2014: The More Things Change; Will UHD Content Take Off in 2015?;  Motive, Granite Launch TabletTV; New Gear for Today's Well-Equipped VJ; Tech Takes to the Hills at 2015 Winter X Games; New ITU Standard Could Boost 4K Over Telco; Digital Journal—Archiving: Maintaining Relevance for the Future; An Exercise in Vintage Hard Light; Placid Video Packet Streams; Sound Predictions for the New Year; An Inexpensive Setup for Rapid DTV Field Measurements; The Art of Load Balancing 
December 17, 2014
The Legacy of 'Moment in Nature;'  Akamai Reports on the State of the Internet; Video Expected to Be Biggest Star at CES; Future-Proofing for 4K; HVEC and the Future of 4K Distribution; The Versatile Production Switcher; Getting the Best Out of External Recorders; GatesAir CEO Takes the Long View; 2014: A Year Not Unlike Others; Education Episodes Are Made for Mulitplatform Release; A Treasure Trove of Audio History Can Be Found Online 
November 19, 2014
Technology Takes a Tightrope Walk; A Level Playing Field; The Evolving Art of Loudness Monitoring; Virtual Broadcasting; Enhancing the Sound of Sports; User Report — Video Monitors; Broadcast Advice for Audio Content Creators; Cloud Performance — Noisy Neighbors and Bare-Metal Servers; FCC Reveals 600MHz Band Plan; Mass Storage Elements in IT-Class Media Servers; Changing Light Intensity  
November 5, 2014
Levi's Stadium Highlights Fiber-Rich Tech; Broadcasters Do the Math; News Vans Get Smaller, More Efficient; Revinvigorated Focus Defines CCW+SATCON; Rogers Brings NextGen NHL Coverage to Canada; 4K Lens Development Limited by Physics; Hitachi's Z-HD600 HDTV Production Camera; ProAm USA's Autopilot Camera Stabilizer; HBO, CBS Raise OTT Profile; The FCC DTV's Interference Dilemma    
October 15, 2014
SMPTE Publishes AXF Standard; DPP Is Ready to Roll; The Challenge of Wireless Mic Coordination; Creating Different Concepts of Reality Through Editing; A/V Fingerprinting—Transporting, Binding and Applications; User Reports—Camera Heads, Tripods & Pedestals
October 1, 2014 
ONE Media and Next-Gen Broadcasting;  Switching to IP; Black Burst Is Alive and Well in HD Plants; Lighting by the Numbers; AES Gathers in Los Angeles; Flexibility, Forum Define New Monitor Design; A 'Star' Is Born Through Social Media; Exploring Audio Control Room Acoustics; Summarizing the 2014 State of the Cloud; Light Sources 101: HMIs; Elements of Enterprise COTS Servers; Accidental Discovery Through Testing; Using ASTER for More Accurate Coverage Studies;  Equipment Reviews
September 17, 2014
New Generation of Sports Trucks Hits the Road; '4K In Four Years;'  TV's Future: Freedom of Choice; C-SPAN Paywall Spotlights Multiplatform Challenge; 'Drunk History' Revives Oral Storytelling; User Reports — Audio  
September 3, 2014
A Missing Piece of the 4K Puzzle;  NBC Preps ND1 for NFL; Full 4K Editing Not Ready for Primetime; Managing Production in the Cloud; It's All Just Television, Or Is It?; IBC Sees 4K, IP in Broadcast's Future; Using IEEE 1588 PTP in Video Networks; LED Is Coming of Age; Scaling Servers to Fit the Workflow; Creating the Test Gear With an SDR; "Book 'Em, Danno": AV Fingerprinting; Equipment Guide: Cloud-Based Services
August 20, 2014
CBS Prepares for US Open; The New 'Hybrid' ENG; Traffic and Billing Branches Out; Audio Control Room Acoustics; Ready for YouTube's Networks; User Reports—Cameras, Lenses & Medias
August 6, 2014
FCC Pushes Caption Deadlines;  Feds Revisit EAS Tests; Heading Up to Cloud Storage; Audio Loudness Still a Hot Topic; New Protocols Enhance Console Networking; Web, Social Media Driving Weather Graphics; Examining Video Server Configurations; The Parabolic Aluminum Reflector; Exploring Audio Control Room Acoustics; TVStudy Options Show Impact on Coverage; Equipment Reviews
July 23, 2014
For AES67, Timing Is Everything;  Multiviewers Moving Toward 4K, IP Adoption; Advances in Lighting Add More Versatility; U-Florida Shifts Into High Gear With SEC; Recording Pretty Pictures From Above;  6P Laser 3: Coming to a Theater Near You?; Rounds' Social TV Relies on Online Streams; How Will IBI Affect DTV Reception After Repacking?; User Reports—Routing & Master Control Switchers
July 9, 2014
Aereo Ponders Next Move; The Future of Newsrooms; 'Go Anywhere' ENG; Test and Measurement Expands Its Scope; 4K Seeks Its Place in Auto Racing Coverage; Twitter Acquires SnappyTV for Video Sharing; What Is Software-Defined Networking?; FCC Changes OET-69 Parameters in TV Study; Learning the Basics of Fluorescents; Audio-over-IP in the Broadcast Plant; Providing for Interoperability: a Case Study
June 25, 2014
Remembrance and Celebration;  3D Continues Its March; Digital Electronics Push Optical Physics; High-Octane Communications; Putting a New Spin on Prompters; Implementing the Loudness Processing; New Dimensions in Media Streaming; Inter-Band RFI: Should Stations Worry?; User Reports— Transmitters & Power Tubes  
June 11, 2014
ESPN Brings World Cup to U.S. Viewers; ESPN Opens New Digital Center; Monitors Continue Evolution to OLED, 4K; Virtual Sets Embrace Reality Via 4K, 3D; NAB Show Week: Meetings and Takeaways; The Evolution of Tungsten Bulbs; User Reports—Production Switchers/Editing & Graphics
May 28, 2014
FCC Issues Auction Order;  ATSC Prepares for 3.0; Art, Science Intersect at InfoComm14; Best of Show Awards; NAB Show Product Review
May 7, 2014
Convention Highlights Media Transition;  Smith to FCC: Where's the National Broadcast Plan?; Events Are the Future of Broadcasting; Tapping Into the Head (and Heart) of Consumers; Mobile Delivery Faces Fresh Challenges; Wheeler Pitches Auction, OTT and OFDM; OBS Serves Broadcasters at Olympics; Quality Content Drives Viewer Interest; New Ad Debate: Are You Chasing Rabbits?; Exhibitor News
April 23, 2014
News Drones on the Horizon;  Interest in OTT Heats Up; The Cable Show: Tech in Tinseltown; Harmonizing the Production Workflow; NEP Launches 'Transportable Studio;' The Cloud: Getting Beyond the 'Wow Factor;' HD Tips and Techniques—Preparing the Digital Workflow Path; Sports Editing on the Fly; Can Ethernet SRP Support Production; Seeing Through the Eye of the Fresnel; Unlocking Storage—Defined Storage; Measuring Content for CALM Compliance; User Reports — Test Equipment / Signal Monitoring
April 7, 2014
NBC Takes Olympics Workflow Mainstream;  From Stamford to Sochi; Mic Companies Await FCC Auction Rules; Intercoms Ramp Up for Bigger Events; NAB to Highlight Latest 4K Gear; Miranda Debuts GV STRATUS System; Wheatstone Aims to Fill 'Audio Gap' in Automation; The Perils of 4K; The Composition of Sunlight; Deluxe and the Value of Metatags; File-Based Loudness Processors; Equipment Review
April 2, 2014 
The Return of 'Cosmos';  BEC Tackles Multiplatform Landscape; Golf Coverage on a Truly Massive Scale; Dodgers Debut SportsNet LA; Golf Channel Adopts Sony's Optical Disc Archive; Grass Valley Preps for a Multiplatform World; Ross Hits 40th in Stride; Harmonic Set to 'Redefine' Video Delivery; JVC Extends, Enhances ENG Elements; What Is Price Reliability?; Real-World Results: Transistors vs. Tubes at UHF; The Difficulties of Getting a Great Mix to Air
March 26, 2014
'War Horse' in 4K Dazzles Audiences; Navigating the NAB Show;  Master Control is the New Data Control; Sony 'Full Speed Ahead' With 4K; Panasonic Promotes AVC-Ultra Front and Center; Some Hope for Interference Issues; Social TV: Hot or Not? Still a Work in Progress; State of the Edit 2014; Google Seeks to Expand VP9 Support; Using a Light Meter to Maintain Atmosphere
March 19, 2014
Broadcast Wields Power to Dazzle and Dominate; 2014 NAB Show Product Preview; Product Showcase 
March 5, 2014
Decoding Signals From L.A.; 'Basketball Nirvana;' FCC Approves New Closed-Captioning Rules; Digital Journal—Tweaking Your Routing System for UHD; Audio Advances at CES; Super Bowl Ads: Chevy's Inspiring 'Life;' User Reports—  Mobile, Satellite & Cellular-ENG
February 19, 2014
Broadcasting in the Balance; Connecting for Faster Data Rates; NHL Expands Outdoor Games Schedule; 4K in the TV Environment: Where It Is Now; The Magic of HMIs; When the Light Hits the Lens; Progress Towards the All-IT/ Cloud Media Facility; News for Today's Mobile Social Media Viewers; CNN Adopts Adobe Anywhere; Unique DTV Reception Problems; The Role of Real-Time Processors in Loudness Metering and Correction
February 5, 2014
NBC Expands Olympics Multiplatform Coverage; Connected Media Big at CES; Looking Beyond the Numbers at CES; Instant Benefits of Integrated Production; Tech Retreat Looks at Video's 'New Normal;' An Engineer's Toolkit; Incident or Reflected: Using a Light Meter; Breaking Down the File Systems; Is It Time to Redesign Audio Console Surfaces?; User Reports—Signal Converters/Intercoms
January 15, 2014
Bracing for The Big Chill; Learning the Console Ropes; Bonded Cellular: Getting the Best Shots; Sharing a Common Currency;  Portable Storage Looks Skyward; Touring Wheatstone's Factory; In the Newsroom, It's Clouds and Crowds; AES67-2013 Looks at Audio Over IP; Speed Writing Trumps Reading; 'Casting Wars' Augur Next Airwaves/Attention Battle; Moving Into an Interference-Limited Environment in 2015; Is 'Avid Everywhere' a Reality?; Equipment Reviews    
December 31, 2013
Sound of Music: On Stage, On the Small Screen; Mobile Tops CES Agenda; Gear for the Journalist on the Go; Making Room for UHDTV; Strategies for Better LTO Data Preservation; News and Information for Millennials Plus; Synchronous Signals Over Asynch Networks; The Art of the Mixed Measurement; Breaking Down the File System; Audio Topics for the New Year; User Report—Video Servers & Recording/Controllers; Product Showcase  
December 18, 2013
London Eye Links Record Number of Streams; NTSC Color Celebrates 60th Anniversary; Pushing Technical Boundaries With 'Earthflight;' Broadcasters Ponder Post-MPEG-2 World; One WTC Prepares for Station Tenants; Tradition Battles Technology in Switcher Facelifts; Audio Objects for 4K Television; Is Laser Illuminated Projection the Future of 3D?; More Ad Spending Heads to Second Screens; The Effects of ACI on UHF Channel Allotments; SMPTE Looks at All-IT Media Facilities; Equipment Review  
December 4, 2013
BAS Spectrum Threats Escalate;  Canon Launches 4K Professional Display; Mobile Sports Production Eyes 4K; Integrating Social Media into the Broadcast Plant; Maintaining Proper Color Temperature While on the Go; Examining the Evolution of Archives; IEEE BTS Discusses LTE, DVB-2; User Reports — Station Automation/ Digital Content Management
November 20, 2013
4KTV: The Devil Is in the Details; Taking Stock of CALM; Wrangling 14 Channel Sound in Dallas; More Than Just a 'Channel in a Box;' Modified 'Hybrid Storage' Offers Many Options; Digital Journal—Switching from 1080 to Ultra HD;  Managing and Storing Your Initial Original Content; Squash Anyone? Pick Your Platform; Loudspeakers—Parameters and Design; Minimizing DTV Interference After Channel Repacking
November 6, 2013
A Business Case for the Cloud; CMOS, 10 Years Later; CCW to Focus on 4K and Multiplatform Workflows; The Role of Lenses in Today's Virtual Environment; Cameras Record 'Big Data' for the NBA; Sloan Kelvin on the Power of Editing; Digital Glut or Gush: What's Important? 
October 16, 2013
Making Waves With Technology;  A Viewer's Point of View; 4k/UHD to Headline SMPTE2013; Sports Producers Expand Audio Boundaries; A Train Wreck in the Offing; The Basics of Loudspeaker Design; User Reports- Camera Heads, Tripods and Pedestals
October 2, 2013
3D Lives!;  HDMI 2.0 Primes 4K Market; ESPN Goes All-LED for US Open; AES to Focus on Audio in a Multi-Device World; The Challenges of IPTV System Testing; Monitors: Beyond What the Eye Can See; The Changing Face of Test and Measurement; SCTE Looks at Cable's Evolving Tech Landscape; Virtualizing the Growth of Metadata; The Other Social Networking for TV Pros; Don't Leave Home Without These iApps; Surprising Results Using Real Antenna Patterns in TVStudy
September 18, 2013
Mobile TV's Slow Rollout;  TV Tech Then and Now; Sony F65 Shines With NBC's 'Camp;' NEP Launches Four-Truck EN1 Mobile Production Unit for ESPN; Loud Speaker Basics for Control Room Monitoring; Experiments in Redirecting Digital Media; User Reports— Audio
 September 4, 2013
'White Space Use' No Longer a Gray Area;  Wireless Mic Users Unite; 4K Expected to Dominate IBC; Connecting IT Together at The Weather Channel; Satellite Companies Prepare for Ultra HD; HD Tips and Techniques: Adding Flexibility to the Editing Desk; Bringing 'The Matrix' to the NFL; Additive and Subtractive Color Mixing; The Question: To FEC or Not to FEC?; FCC Outlines Repacking Techniques; Automated Storage Tiering; User Reports—Fiber, Cable & Connectors/Utility Switchers
August 21, 2013
NBC Opens State-of-the-Art Sports HQ; Tennis Channel Looks for Love With New Tech; Digital Journal: Keeping Over the Air Broadcasting Relevant; 'Another Tool in the Toolbox;' A New Smackdown Sound; From Covering Traffic to Driving It; 4K Editing: Prices, Features Run Gamut; Real-Time AV Transport Over Ethernet; AMI Pushes Local Interactive Ads; User Reports: Cameras, Lenses & Media; Product Showcase
August 7, 2013 
New FCC Rules Loom for Closed Captioning; Changing Roles; Behind the Scenes at NBC Peacock Productions; Audio Quality: It's Not Just ABout Loudness; Weather Forecasts Zoom in on Local; Estimating Green Screen Lighting; Measuring Downmix Loudness; K-Tek's Nautilus Mic Suspension Mount; Matrox's MicroQuad Multiviewer; NewTek Tricaster 855 Production Switcher; Eye on: Remote Options for Audio Consoles
July 24, 2013
Tablets Tap Into TV Territory; From Bird's Eye to Panorama With YES View; Lighting Advances Focus on Size, Efficiency; Multiviewers Assimilate Newsroom Displays; Digital Journal—Do DSLRs Have a Place in Broadcast?; Do We Really Need the FCC?; New Editing Systems Upgrade for 4K, Part 2; Producing Intelligible Speech for Mobile DTV; User Reports—Routing & Master Control Switchers
July 10, 2013
Fox Sports 1 Set for August Debut; Is it Time for 4K?; The Multiplatform Approach to Sports Graphics; Bonded Cellular Technology Follows Diverse Path; Can TV Broadcast Really Go OTT?; HD Tips and Techniques: Test Equipment Grows to Fit New Niches; SMPTE 2022 and the Future of VOIP; Sorting Out SAS and SATA; Bow to Your Partner for Some Inverse Square Dancing; Testing TV Antennas With Some Nifty Gadgets; Divergent Media's ScopeBox v3.2; Zacuto EVF Flip Portable Monitor; Rede's Reporter Microphone; Designed for Comfort; Linear Industries AT8001 DTV Exciter
June 26, 2013 
NBC Takes Viewers on 'Tour;' When Weather Turns Deadly; TNT Makes the Most of its Short NASCAR Season; IEEE Summit Outlines Television's Next Chapter; Lensmakers Advance Versatility in the Coming of the 4K Era; Prompting With Tablets: a Perfect Match?; What You Need to Know About Adjacent Channel Interference; Editors Take on the 4K Challenge; 'Dovetailing' Second Screen Services With ATSC 2.0 and Beyond; Using TV Study to Map Coverage, Interference; The Move to the All-IT Facility; User Reports— Transmitters, Antennas, Satellite & Power Tubes
June 12, 2013
NYC Stations Brace for WTC Tower Battle; Who Needs the Cloud?; 4K Monitors Starting to Come Into Focus; Newsroom Graphics Tie It All Together; Equipment Guide: Production Switchers/Editing & Graphics; The Evolution of Digital Content Delivery; Loudness Content Management for TV Audio Mixers
May 29, 2013
Areo Copyright Battle Expands;  NAB Show Product Review; Cultivating the Craft at InfoComm13; Cable Show Returns to Washington
May 8, 2013
NAB Show Anticipates Trends; Carey's Fighting Words Dominate Opening; 'SNL' Jumps Hurdles to Make Tight Deadlines; Rosenworcel, Pai: Stay With Auction Deadline; Displays to be Bigger, Brighter; Broadcasters, Telcos 'Have to Work Together;' A Conversation With Jon Landau; Streaming, Second Screen Dominate Affiliate Meetings; Converging Ecosystems Challenge; Technology Builds a New World in 'Oblivion;' Exhibitor News; NAB Show in Photos 
April 24, 2013
Up Close and Extreme; Broadcast Explores the Cloud; Fiber Options for 4K; OTT Gathers Mainstream Steam; Connected or Companion TV: Which is Better for Broadcasters?; Automatically CALM; Active Archives for the Future; Making the Cloud Invisible; User Reports: Test Equipment/Signal Monitoring
April 8, 2013
Cell Industry Targets BAS Spectrum; NAB Show Focuses on Social Media;  The Road to Intelligent Intercoms; Wireless Users Cope With Fewer Options; Canon Debuts XA10 Replacements; Goldenberg Balances 'Argo' Storyline via Strategic Editing; Could Broadcasting's Future Hinge on Changes to OET-69?
April 1, 2013
Mobile TV Expands Capabilities; Execs Eye New Facilities, Workflow; The BBC's Hybrid System for EFP; Sports Nets Tweak MLB Coverage; The Importance of Speech Intelligibility; Increasing Storage Capacities with Nanotechnologies; Eye-On— Getting the Most Multiviewer for Your Money
 March 27, 2013
Hitting a Virtual Hole in One; Engineering Confab Focuses on Industry's Future; Channel in a Box Systems Go Live; Cisco Survey Touts Mobile Video Boom; State of the Edit 2013; User Reports 
March 20, 2013
NAB Show: Content's Level Playing Field; NAB Show Highlights; NAB Product Preview; Product Showcase; Exhibitor Listing
March 6, 2013
EAS System Target of Undead Prank; FCC OKs 'NextGen' Transmission Test; What's Next for UHDTV?; Solid State Highlights from CES; Super Bowl Ads Gravitate to Higher Level; IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol
Feb. 13, 2013
Network Marks NHL Return with New Tech; UHDTV Has Arrived But Who Will Fill the Content Pipe?; Lenses: Balancing Cost with Features; Using Hard and Soft Lighting When Shooting in 4K; 4k Products Outstrip Cabling Solution
Feb. 1, 2013
Show touts UHDTV, integrated video, diverse interfaces; CBS Supersizes the Super Bowl; Doug Lung reviews next-gen error correction codes; The Importance of Timbre in Assessing Audio Quality; Integrating Storage, Archiving and Transcoding 
Jan. 16, 2013
Which Smart Screen Will Viewers Prefer?; Ditching the Truck;  Fiber Boosts Audio Network Capabilities; Newsrooms Embrace Multitasking; The Science of High Speed Video; Testing Interference on UHF Taboo Channels; Reality Trumps Digital Imagination
Jan. 2, 2013
2013 CES Promises 'Sensory Overload'; ESPN Adapts 'Olympic-Style' Production for X Games; Reviewing the IEEE Broadcast Symposium, Part II; Some Observations of the Inverse Square Law of Ilumination 
Dec. 19, 2012
CALM Act Takes Effect; ABC to Rock Times Square; Not 'TV Everywhere'; At Home on the Road; Interactive Viewing Triggers Targeted for Summer Adoption; Shotgun Microphones in Theory and in Practice
Dec. 5, 2012
Space Jump Brings HD Video Down to Earth; Auctions' Impact on BAS; The Changing Face of Master Control; Customer Demand Shapes Refurbished Token Creek Truck
Nov. 21, 2012
Broadcasters Add More Tools to Cover Hurricane Sandy; The Indispensable DVR; 5.1 Becoming DeFacto in HD Sports; Bringing the 'Voice of God' to Audio TV; Servers Take on Added Importance in Broadcast Production; Digital Journal
Nov. 7, 2012
IPTV22 at Heart of Barclays Center Stadium; The Great [Sounding] Debates; Large Sensor vs. 3-Sensor Cameras; Lenses Evolve for ENG; Content and Communications World Hones its Focus  
Oct. 17, 2012
FCC's Ambitious Auction Plan; Putting 4K to Work, AES Preview; Cloudspotter's Journal; Equipment Guide: Camera Heads, Tripods & Pedestals   
Oct. 3, 2012 
NBC and the Olympics: Cards Face Up; A Day in the Cloud; MTV Video Music Awards; Lighting Technology; Equipment Reviews
Sept. 19, 2012
Broadcasters Prepare for Mobile DTV Launch; N.Y. Pubcasters Centralize Master Control; Fiber TV; 3D Workshop; Equipment Guide: Audio
Sept. 5, 2012
CNN Debuts New Washington Studio; PBS NGIS Adopts MPEG-4; IBC Preview; Masked Engineer; Equipment Guide: Fiber, Cable & Connectors/ Utility Switchers 
Aug. 22, 2012
Broadcaster Prepare for Conventions; US Open Coverage Expands; Traffic & Billing; TV Ubiquity; Equipment Guide: Cameras, Lenses & Media
Aug. 8, 2012
Closed-Caption Mandate Nears; Vizio Launches 21:9 Screen; Multiplatform; Storage Technology; Equipment Reviews
July 25, 2012
Broadcasting London 2012; LPTV Transition Funding Ends; Multiviewers; Simulviewing; Equipment Guide: Routing & Master Control Switches 
July 11, 2012
EAS-CAP Rules Now in Place; Remembering Telstar; Indy 500; Inside Audio; Equipment Reviews
June 27, 2012
Focusing on UHDTV;  Cable Touts 'Viewdini;' Wi-Fi; Prompters; The Masked Engineer; Equipment Guide: Transmitters, Antennas, Towers  & Power Tubes
June 13, 2012
FCC Delves Into Channel Sharing; ESPN Gears Up for 3D X Games; Video Monitors; Lighting; Equipment Guide: Production Switchers / Editing & Graphics
May 30, 2012
LTE Tempts with Advanced Services; NAB Show Eyes 'What's Next'; Show Preview; Awards
May 16, 2012
Viewing the Big Picture at the NAB Show; Jump In; Mobile DTV; Exhibitor News 
May 2, 2012
HD ENG Unleashed; Collaboration in the Cloud; Cable Show; Lighting; Equipment Guide: Test Equipment / Signal Monitoring
April 16, 2012
NBC Gears Up for Olympics; 3D Advances at NAB Show; Spectrum Squeeze; Masked Engineer; Equipment Reviews
April 11, 2012
Marlins Inaugurate MLB's Newest Park; Media Execs Ponder NAB Wares; Digital Journal; Focus on Editing; Equipment Reviews
April 4, 2012
Broadcasters Take Aereo to Court; Seeking CALM at NAB; NAB Update; Lighting Technology; Equipment Guide: Cameras, Lighting & Batteries
March 21, 2012
NAB Show: Shifting Focus, Crossing the Aisle; What's New at NAB?; Product Previews; Exhibitor List
March 7, 2012
CBS, Turner Brace for March Madness; Has OLED Arrived for Consumers?; Wireless Mics; Technology Corner; Equipment Guide: Mobile, Remote & Satellite
Feb. 15, 2012
CNBC Moves to the Stock Exchange Floor; 24-Hour Checking; Lenses; The Masked Engineer; Equipment Reviews
Feb. 1, 2012
CES: What's New is OLED; Streaming the Big Game; Desert Tech; 2012 Campaign; Equipment Guide: Signal Converters / Intercoms
Jan. 18, 2012
TV Antennas Thrive in a Down Economy; The Final Cut; Gear on the Go; Masked Engineer; Equipment Reviews
Jan. 4, 2012
FCC Issues Loudness Rules; Defining the TV Experience; 3DTV; Lighting Tech; Equipment Guide: Video Servers & Recording Controllers 
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